About Us


INDIAN GREEN SERVICE (IGS) is an environment protection organisation launched in the year 2010 based on 15 years of extensive field research in the area of Waste Management. IGS was launched with the objective of ensuring that every citizen realises the need to be responsible to the environment and contribute in their own ways towards protecting the same.

"Experiencing the difference" is the best form of awareness. IGS believes in making people experience the dfference that NATURE could give if there is a change in their behaviour towards the environment.

The 'Green Force' of IGS has developed simple but effective methodologies to tackle the immediate and extremely dangerous issues facing the world today. IGS viewsWASTE as a RESOURCE and considers GARBAGE as GOLD

Why are we concerned

Waste if not properly managed will

  • - Generate foul smell

  • - Breed flies and insects

  • - Valuable land area is wasted on dumping

  • - Generate Carbon dioxide while burning




  • Bringing about sustainable socio-economic change through Environmental Conservation

    We strive to achieve this by ensuring that every citizen becomes environmentally responsible and commit themselves to a greener environment.



  • The core objective of IGS can be summarised as an integral approach of employment generation using environmental protection and conservation as a medium.