Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

  Corporate Social Responsibility forms an essential part of ensuring betterment of the citizens of the country. To that extent, Indian Green Service has partnered with several organizations to develop and implement Solid and Liquid Waste Management Systems in the country. 


Some of our clients 










Some of the CSR Projects executed by Indian Green Service

Name: Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Adigathur

Client: Asian Paints

Location: Adigathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu




SLRM project in Adigathur is a pilot model project for rural waste management . The project covers 750 houses in 7 hamlets of Adigathur panchayath of Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. This project is a decentralised model of solid and liquid waste management , where solid waste is collected on a daily basis from each households  and processed in resource recovery centre. For liquid waste management is done through individual soak pits. The project is funded by Asian Paints Ltd.

Name:Green Highway Initiative in Bhiwadi

Client: Spirotech Heat Exchangers

Location: Bhiwadi



Green highways is an new initiatives  of IGS to keep the highways green. This project is to plant trees in dividers . As part of initiatives 1.5km of Kaharani Industrial area  of Bhiwadi was planted 150 trees. This project is a joint initiative of IGS and Spirotech Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd as part of CSR activities.

Name: Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Haridwar

Client: Anchor Panasonic

Location: Haridwar





Name: Integrated Solid Waste Management in Coimbatore 

Location: Kurudampalyam, Coimbatore

Kurudampalayam panchayath totally consists of 15 wards. Out of 15 at present the project has been implemented only in 6 wards as a pilot project with support from the Government of Tamil Nadu through DRDA and the Panchayath administration led by Mr. Ravi, the president. This entire project is maintained by VALLARAI WOMENS SELF HELP GROUP who were trained and supported by Indian Green Service (IGS).

Mr. C. Srinivasan, a renowned environmentalist and also the Project Director of Indian Green Service (IGS) is a pioneer in the field of Solid and Liquid Resource Management. The project is a brain child of Mr. Srinivasan who has successfully implemented the same in many states across the country under the banner of Indian Green Service (IGS).

The District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), Coimbatore, Mr. Ravi, the Panchayath President and Mr. Srinivasan representing Indian Green Service (IGS) designed the SLRM project for Kurudampalayam Panchayat and implemented the same with a part of the financial support from a few corporates in the area under their CSR funding.