Environmental Strategy Planning



The Problem:

Waste generation has been increasing manifold in all the areas with increased population, consumerism and commercial activities. In the absence of proper disposal and treatment; the waste remains dumped in open and untreated in large dumping yards all across the country. Microbial contamination is also on rise because of increasing waste around the source of drinking water. In the absence of any information and sensitization, households and community exhibit poor waste management behavior. It is estimated that people in rural India are generating 0.3 to 0.4 million metric tons of organic/recyclable solid waste per day and that 88% of the total disease burden is due to a lack of clean water, sanitation and improper solid waste management (GoI, 2008). Clarity on how waste management technologies and systems should be used or integrated in a current programmatic/systemic set up remains a challenge particularly in the context of the location, community, climate, economic viability, etc.

In addition to the issue of Waste Management, the other aspects of Environmental degradation including pollution in all its forms, Soil degradation, depletion of organic matter, Inferior soil health, increase in the usage of chemicals in the soil, Climate change also needs to be addressed. It is apt to say that most of the issues which are considered as big threats have their roots in the simplest thing called HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

The Environmental Strategy Planning will be done by a team of experts with specialised skills, qualifications and experience in all aspects pertaining to Environmental protection and service

Our Environmental Strategy planning includes

  • Environment Audit in the area/campus

  • Detailed Project report (DPR) – Systems and procedures

  • Demonstration of the project (Pilot)

  • Detailed Action plan with time line

  • Linkages with appropriate resources

  • Sustainability Procedures ​

Who can Benefit

  • Municipalities and corporation

  • Universities/Campuses

  • All Resident Welfare Associations

  • Builders and Flat Promoters