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Organic Roof Garden

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The organic roof garden is a very simple and beautiful garden that can be set in the terrace of any building. Indian Green Service promotes organic roof garden to introduce the concept of consumption of organic, natural and nutritious vegetables and fruits.

Advantages of Organic Roof Garden:

  • Completely organic vegetables and fruits can be grown in house.
  • Every household will have continuous supply of greens and vegetables.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • No chemicals and genetically modified seeds.
The bamboo baskets used for the roof garden are made by people from disadvantaged section of people from Rajasthan. A part of the money that you pay goes to the welfare of these people.

Requirements for setting up a Roof Garden

INDIAN GREEN SERVICE team will help you to set up the eco-friendly organic roof garden in your terrace depending on your equirements and monitoring for a period of six months

BIO GAS and Vermin-Composting

Advantages of Bio-Gas

  • Reliable Fuel

    Bio-gas is a reliable fuel, which is produced out of renewable resources,other industrial side products or even waste. Compared to other renewable energy sources like wind or solar energy bio-gas can be produced regardless of weather or daytime factors.
  • Environmental Compatibility

    Using bio-gas is saving fossil fuel.. No additional carbon dioxide, which is considered to be harmful to the climate, is produced.
  • Energy supply where it is needed

    Bio-gas could be produced everywhere – no matter if the biogas plant is located in an industrial or rural area. This way electrical power and heat can be produced wherever you need them to be.. Due to its versatility smaller biogas plants, without any complicated technical equipment, are sufficient enough to supply power for boiling and heating.
  • Vermicomposting

    The slurry that is coming out of the bio-gas plant is used in Vermicomposting sheds and earth worms are produced which helps in a big way in the field of agriculture.